Monday, May 5, 2008

Farewell to Mr Jens And Mr Flame

Farewell to Mr. Jens

I've always take myself as a loyal fans of Arsenal F.C. That’s means I am also a fan of each and every player in this team and that include Jens Lehmann. He won trophies with the club. He gave his best in every game. From a forceful goalie, he became a very calm keeper. That’s makes me proud. A big difference in his attitude makes a lot of changes in his game. And that hat he shows to me on the pitch on his very last game, against Everton F.C. Proud with a guy names Jens. I am very looking forward for a special farewell match for him.

Farewell to Mr. Flame

Another is going out. Nothing to comment about cause’ he has given his best for the club and he is going to AC Milan F.C. Gud luck and all da best for ur future Mr. Mathieu Flamini a.k.a Flame.

p/s: Try to write in English as a part for my preparation towards Tech Comm exam.